Drenched in Justice

The problem with injustice isn’t necessarily the act but people’s inability to endorse justice without they experiencing it (injustice) themselves. In the absence of personal sentiments, beliefs and the “someone I know experienced it” statements, care and attention escapes us. Justice is about you and I. Justice is not just you and the people you …

about me🌙

Somewhere in 2016 or 17 I presume, blogging was my thing until I couldn’t keep up any longer. I had become too busy or maybe too uninspired to do what I loved. The good news is that I didn’t give up and so here I am today, and unlike then, I’m not quitting blogging, at least not now. (Haha! I won’t)

But why this blog?

I love to talk and write about many things. I love to write about religion (I’m a special critic), love, relationships, Jesus and most especially women. When it comes to Christianity,

I look at Paul and I’m not only mesmerized by the number of Christians he persecuted but how he had to go through a rather radical process of change.

He had to be on the opposite side in order to appreciate the right side of it. For some of us, Christianity isn’t heaven or hell. For some of us, Christianity is love. The love we are able to give and to hold.

Personally, it is my sins and my inconsistencies that makes me appreciate Christ more. If there ever was a perfect version of myself, then I guess I’d never reach that destination. The joy and comfort I get from God is that, he’s not interested in seeing me become perfect. If he did, Christ wouldn’t have died.

Recovering Sinner

One would think as a critic, I’d have to be perfect and all but honestly, how much better is it to live without scrutinizing our steps and challenging ourselves for better and thus, prepare for what’s ahead of us. Well, I like to call myself, “ The Recovering Sinner.” I call myself that because although I’m free, I still nail Christ to the cross sometimes. My growth isn’t slow, like every other person in Christ, but sure.

I’m not exactly a Pro when it comes to love and relationships. I mean nobody is. But I’d definitely love to share the little insight on what I know on love and relationships with you. I’ll also share some personal stories too.

Don’t let me cut you out but I have consistently heard people describe women in such a lousy way. Sometimes, I just look away in anguish. Anger is such a harsh emotion to show as a believer of Christ and so mostly I just hide it under a fake smile. However, what encourages me daily is the fact that there’s a Jesus movement and a revival ready to happen/happening to change the thoughts of many about women.

Worldwide, every individual is known to have a different thumbprint. Imagine this!. Imagine how God made us. Imagine how he formed us out of the dust. Imagine how he took his time to mould us-his gifts. We are individually gifts and a treasure created to propel the amazing design God planned in his infinite wisdom.

Who is a woman? What does it mean when a woman is called a helper? Do we realize that women are held to higher social standards than men? Is the entirety of a woman stemmed from the fact that she needs to be connected to a man to be whole?

I believe by now, you are very much aware of what we’ll be talking about on this blog. Apart from delving into the issues of women, I’ll be sharing my journey: the highs and the lows. I’ll talk about becoming Christian and move from that to talking about how I fail my celibacy journey sometimes. (It’s not easy o). I love that God welcomed me and is still evolving me daily.

I’m also very enthused about the fact that I’ll be sharing my personal thoughts on certain social issues especially politics.

You’re most welcome to this blog.