You tried and failed. You tried again and you failed. Its just a matter of time and not giving up.

Remember back in the day, when you were a little child, you tried to walk but fell. Today you are old enough to make your own choices and so you fail and then you quit.

What makes you better than your yesterday then?

Remember one time your mum prepared lunch, you ate and noticed how bad the food tasted. Then she said,”I know how bad the food tastes Jeffery”.

After three days she asked you the lesson you learnt from eating “bad food”.

You know what she was trying to tell you, life isnt going to be all rosy. There will be storms to overcome, mountains and valleys to climb out of and bridges to cross.

When you try and you dont succeed, try again. When life knocks you down so hard, get back up. Don’t let circumstances change you, let it grow you.

Remember when you were a little baby. You tried so hard to walk but fell. You didn’t look at your legs and say, well this isnt for me.

Maybe i’m better off crawling than walking.

You should be better than your past. Focus on achieving incredible success. Forget about those who laugh at you and tell you you can’t do it. Give yourself one more chance.

You’ve got to BELIEVE AGAIN!

2 Replies to “BELIEVE AGAIN”

  1. Its not easy to come into terms with the truth that life isn’t without failing. Sometimes its hard to get back up again. But conscious effort and determination, with God on our side, we can always hold our heads high and move from the failures. Great piece.

  2. Failure is also part of success. I choose to look at it in that perspective. Life is sometimes very challenging but in all God has been of immense help.

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