When we talk about body positivity, that’s when we hear many women and men take a seat and delve deep into the many experiences and insecurities they have had with their looks.

At first, slim was the more ideal body …


There are many things the heart is not but we can honestly claim one thing that it is: deceptive. How deceptive can the organ that proves that I still have life be? 

After healing, comes self-discovery but most importantly we …


Amongst the many women in the bible, there’s one I respect so much. Her name is Vashti. It is easy to dismiss her impeccable strength and admirable courage because the tradition was for her to bend graciously to the distasteful …

The Speed To Win

On your marks!

Get set!


Anybody familiar with athletics is aware of these three simple but powerful statements. I personally love the urgency in the movement of each participant.

Running for the prize is a tough and sometimes rewarding …