Coming Back Into Focus


The Merriem -Webster dictionary explains focus as a center of activity, attraction, or attention.This simply means that anything that has your attention has your focus. 

Initially, I was going to write about sin. It was easy I must say, but when I decided to talk about focus, I couldn’t find the right words to express what I wanted to put across. I think it’s hard to write about sin as a mutually exclusive element to focus because it takes focus to be stable. It takes focus to grow and it takes focus to exhibit a certain kind of character. It takes focus to be conscious enough to choose right.

When a pregnant woman goes into labor, she becomes the centre of attention. The first idea that would come into anyone’s head would be to quickly ensure that she’s rashed to a hospital. If at that moment of urgency, the woman is left alone and she’s unable to move to the hospital by herself, it’s very likely anything at all could happen. She could lose her life.

When we are unable to identify what needs our focus when, it becomes a serious recipe for disaster.

There are three types of individuals. The natural man or woman, the carnal man or woman and the spiritual man or woman. Who you are affects your focus. If you believe in your flesh, you focus on the flesh. If you live like there’s nothing at stake, you won’t be moved by urgency.

Focus is very paramount in our every day living. There are those temporary things; work, relationships we focus on and there’s the permanent ones; relationships, work or career we focus on. Without giving these things the attention it needs, we can never shift or move from victory unto victory. We can’t win without focus.

It took many decades to become a success because they recognized the need to focus on the catalysts that catapulted them into victory. 

As a Christian, what is your focus? 

I believe many Christians have been given freedom but refuse to take it or just don’t know what it means to be free. I believe Christians focus on the wrong things especially the devil.  It’s true that the devil exists and just like the bible says, he goes around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour but the thing is, how do you overcome a devil without having the power to do so. If God isn’t your focus then the devil is. 

God needs us to come into focus with him. He needs us to know him and come reason with him. If we don’t give God our focus, we become a prey to the devil. What you reflect on overtime becomes who you are. If you follow Jesus’ steps, you become a reflection of him and it’s seen through your character. 

If you love someone, they become a centre of attention. There’s a growing urgency inside of you to know them more, check up on them, visit them, take care of them and be kind to them. You just want them to know how much you love them. What you do reflects what you believe and how much you recognize how you feel about them.

If we want to come back into focus with God then we need to recognize the efforts we put ito getting to know him. If we love God then we need to give. We need to give him our time, money and most importantly our focus. 

A few weeks ago, I was on my bed crying because I realized how much I had drifted away from God. I was so drained. I had lost my focus. In those moments, I knew that I was just doing some things wrong. I had put every other thing before God. I put work before God. I put money before God. I put businesses and even social media before God. I had forgotten that in order to grow holistically, I didn’t need more physical things but the spiritual things. It means I needed to walk in the spirit like God requires. I definitely know I’m not the only one who battles with giving God her entirety. I know I’m not the only one who placed work, money, clothes, friends,  church, dreams and ambitions before God. These are normally things we do unconsciously. We will do anything as long as it doesn’t have God’s name on it.

The funny thing with Christians is that we don’t want the sacrifice but we want what sacrifice can bring to our doorstep. We claim to love but we don’t. We claim to worship but we don’t. We don’t learn but we want wisdom. We don’t want to live according to the unadulterated message but we want the platform. We love the praise and goodies but not the long suffering. That is me too. Who wouldn’t want honey poured into their mouths for free?

I want the freedom, the power, the auction but never the work. Truth is, self deception is a cancer that kills us without our knowledge. It helps us to believe we’re going where we’re not. That’s what causes stagnation in the lives of some.

Unless you’re intentional with what you want, you’ll do everything in vain. If you’re not intentional about becoming more like Jesus, forget about walking in the spirit. Like the scriptures say, nothing you do or anyone does can stop him from loving you.

Your past, your mistakes, your future mistakes, the hurt, pain, rejection or any other thing you’ve caused over your head can stop God from loving you in totality. Besides, God is love and so if he seizes to love then he’s no longer God.

After so many weeks, I picked my bible and read it. I realized that if i don’t yearn for the things of God, ill lose my grip of my own life. I’ll give some deity or entity somewhere the power to control my life. That would be unfortunate especially when he’s made so many promises he continues to fulfill.

Coming into focus with God has nothing to do with perfection. God doesn’t need you in white clothing because whatever it is, he will wipe the slate clean. Coming into focus is recognizing the need for a solid relationship with Jehovah. Coming into focus is allowing God to work on your mind, soul and heart. Coming into focus is choosing to love and walk right. It also means thatletting go of all that which hindered your growth in Christ.

Stop holding on to the things that hinder you from growing in Christ.
God will give you true love.

If you’re in pain, you’ll  survive it. If you’ve lost a child, there’s hope. 

God will bless the seed of your womb.

If you’ve lost your job, you’ll find another. If you want a family, wait for it.

God will give you a family.

If you’ve lost your lover, you’ll find another. God’s timing is different from ours. We look at the “nows” but he looks at the “forever.”
Just hope, believe, pray and pray again. 

Keep hoping, believing and praying.

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