Drenched in Justice

The problem with injustice isn’t necessarily the act but people’s inability to endorse justice without they experiencing it (injustice) themselves.

In the absence of personal sentiments, beliefs and the “someone I know experienced it” statements, care and attention escapes us.

Justice is about you and I. Justice is not just you and the people you know and/or love. In fact, justice is not love because enemies deserve it too. Justice is just doing what is right which is also love, although what is right may not always be legal.

Whenever you find yourself asking why anyone would want to speak on justice without provocation, then you reduce the urgency of justice to a mere hashtag or temporary trend.

When you start pursuing justice, you’d learn pretty quickly that peoples sanity and well being has nothing to do with your personal believes and ideologies, although they can be mutual. You’d realize that other people’s pain and experience matter more than your ideologies and philosophies.

Justice is not just agreeing that you matter, it is also being intentional about others because they matter too.

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