Gender Inequality in the Church

As societies grow, we are ushered into different dispensations and valid transitions happen. These transitions affect how people are socialized and sometimes, ideological beliefs change.

In all of this, there’s one known truth held onto tightly by Christians—Jesus, the Christ. We believe in the death and resurrection of Christ.

But unfortunately, when it comes to gender some have been indoctrinated to believe that men and women can never be equal. This indoctrination finds its way in some messages at the pulpit, they are taught during youth and children’s meetings and in the home causing the inequality gap to further widen.

This same indoctrination results in the placement of men at a pedestal where it is believed that women, do not and shouldn’t be worthy of.

What does inequality in the church look like?

1. The inability of women to become Head Pastors, Leaders and Preachers in the church. Sadly, even in churches where women’s giftings in such areas are acknowledged, they are barely seen at the pulpit or partake in making crucial decisions. God can use anyone, including women.

2. The boiling desire to always define womanhood practically makes way for the acceptance of the domestication of women. The role of the woman is simple; she’s a homemaker and a caregiver. Women who do not meet up to this standard are not women.

3. “To forgive is divine” is used to consciously ensure that the abused forgive their abusers. This is encouraged by the church. This is why rape cases are belittled and the victims blamed. This is why the church finds it right to settle cases by itself rather than seek justice for those whose rights might’ve been infringed upon.

4. The idea that men are more sexual and so women need to help men by dressing more appropriately to ensure that they are able to uphold purity. We believe no one can help us become saved but somehow, when it comes to sex and purity matters the burden is placed on the shoulders of women.

5. Tone policing women and calling them Jezebel for being outspoken, calling out wrong openly and standing up for others.

6. Subordination of women to men. Galatians 3:20 says, we are all equal but somehow, even for the unmarried girl or woman (although I believe whether married or unmarried men and women are equal), the subject of headship is brought up as a way to minimize the voices of women who seem to be propagating for equality everywhere including the church.

7. Holding women to higher standards than men. This is widely seen through ensuring that men are barely held accountable for wrongs done. “Boys will be boys” is what they claim or “Men will always be men.” “Barima de3” They are so many adages and phrases coined to protect men from accountability but women are chastised as long as they do not meet the standards set for them.

8. Some messages have the capability of rendering one useless, less worthy and damaged. As is the claim that women who as a result of their own choices have had sex before marriage will never have joy in their marriages. The equation of sex with worth which is strictly targeted at women and barely ever considered as a topic for men.

9. Married women’s desire is always to please their husbands. Submission is non negotiable and as such, women must always heed to whichever decision or choice their partner make.

As to how the church has been able to use a few bible verses (which are obviously wrongly interpreted) to continuously subjugate the entirely of women’s worth, value and essence to nothing more than men’s appendages is worrying.

The church needs to be reoriented on who a woman is, independent of what we have been socialized to believe, culturally.

What does God say about the woman?

God says we are created in his image and function based on his design. God says we are worthy to lead, to preach and to teach.

Dear woman, you are whole. You are valued. You are light. Live like one!

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