Our growth process is somewhat underlined in the little and not-too-smooth steps we make. It’s not damned. It’s not awful. It’s a test. 

A typical story of immense growth is what we see in the life of Joseph. All he had to do was to communicate his dreams;a beautiful picture of his future. 

He was smart enough to believe that although very much aware of his brother’s

unfair treatment of him, they’d be happy for him. Should I rather say, his naivity led him to let his brother’s in on God’s vision for his life? 

Joseph moves from being that naive little boy whose father made beautiful robes for him to adorn himself with to being propelled to become the best version himself. It took hurt, pain, hatred and prison for Joseph to get to his assigned destination.

I mean I totally get it, it takes a process to create a product but does God really have to “stretch” us that much to enable us fulfill his vision?

It’s very tough and I must say, many of us would’ve resigned indefinitely or maybe walked with mistrust in our hearts. I look at the story of Joseph critically and the Bible in totality and I marvel. 

In as much as many things still confuse me, it’s easy for me to appreciate how strategic, intentional and yet “vague” God is. 

The obvious picture we paint from how we criticize these awesome and heroic biblical personalities sometimes gives me the feeling that we would’ve done something different. The world has changed but flaws, shortcomings and weaknesses are still very evident. No apologies to anyone but you would’ve probably failed or maybe not.

The amazing thing about being here today, on the other side of the spectrum is that like everyone else, I have the opportunity to read about Joseph, a man who was able to resist sexual pressure, lived for God and yet saw his life crumbling down. I get to acknowledge how strong his character was. 

Although I may not be imprisoned like Joseph or have half siblings who hate me, God has a vision for my life just as he did Joseph’s. At this point, I must say we cannot do anything humanly possible to be fulfilled. 

It’s crucial to choose growth. It’s also more crucial to choose growth that reflects God’s vision for our lives. The Porter has shaped us but it’s up to us to yearn to be where we have to be. Our wants are sometimes dangerous desires that tricks us into believing that that’s all we need.

I’m not familiar with being overly thirsty for God. I’m more familiar with picking and choosing to live the way I want. If I were the Porter, I would have everyone worship me all the time and not at their own will. I mean God is so just and has always been just. He’s been faithful whiles we’re unfaithful.

It takes crucial destiny changing moments that catapults us to become better. Abram needed to be Abraham and Sarai needed to be Sarah in order to fulfill their purpose.

Destinies change with our identities. It doesn’t take a dreamer to grow or being loved to grow. I mean there are things that serves as influence but the very fundamental-truth is that growth comes when we choose to live like Jesus lived. 

It’s not smooth. It’s not all rosy but choosing Christ is the best decision you’d ever make. In the midst of the many tests – we grow. Job had to be tested in order to realize he could have much more than he’d ever had. He had to be steadfast. He had to choose God in pain. That’s some tough love.

We proclaim daily that we love God until we are confronted with some situations that seem insurmountable. 

God is perfectly fine being God. We are the problem. We love to place ourselves in positions where he doesn’t want for us. We love the wants even when he speaks to our needs. 

Everything about God is about our needs not our wants. He knows that addressing and giving you your needs will spark your growth.
It’s evident that what we want may not also be what is right. Can we therefore take the time to choose Jesus? Can we choose growth?

God’s love is not far fetched. He still looks out for us always. He loves you and is ready to welcome you one more time.

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