Chaos is not a protector of life, love and hope. Dreamers (or humans) dream of living, loving and holding on to hope even when there’s chaos. Amidst the numerous conspiracy theories, we recognize that the world has been taken by surprise.

Wild animals have taken the place of humans: on the streets of India, civet cats roam, gangs of wild turkeys sweep the streets of California and in Seattle rats wrestle in public parks because where are the humans? 

A week ago, I stopped watching CNN. I was petrified by the ambiguity of the nature of this deadly virus. The statistics was and is still alarming; just yesterday, more than 1.2 million people had tested positive, more than 66,000 had died and some encouraging recoveries recorded. Italy for the first time had less people in ICU and so did New York.

I am not only horrified but anxiety attacks. 

Never have I and many witnessed the world come to a stand still like it has. Never have I ever imagined that anything could bring us to a realisation that there’s nothing more important than our lives and that of those we love. 

Survival is now for those who do not gamble with hope but lean on to it. Survival is also for those who choose to live doing what they know is right. 

Sadly, survival will be tasted by the rich first and not the poor. We can’t pretend like people aren’t  suffering. From Congo to Kenya, Uganda and right here in my own beloved country Ghana, we suffer. 

We suffer an unknown defeat crawling at our doorstep; for one death is defeat. We suffer the consequences of another virus called hunger too. This is the time many wonder if capitalism is better or maybe socialism is what the world actually needs.  

This pandemic looks like a movie but it’s such a reality checker. My Africa has been sleeping on hope and so hope has been drained out of many. 

No one seems to be winning. Everyone is watching, some are scared, others hungry and I just wonder when all this will end. Life in itself has always been an unfinished story to me.  

My hope is on decline but I want to survive. I want to count my blessings in the midst of this chaos. Nothing spreads faster than bad news and so I know I’ll definitely see some bad news, but I always tell myself that if there’s a God then there’s hope to hold on to.  

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