They said happiness is free but I guess we keep buying it continuously sadly, from the wrong people, places and things. 

If you explore the vulnerabilities of an individual you’d break them and hurt them. Every single person has been hurt by someone else before. Sometimes, people they trusted or expected more from or never expected certain acts/actions from.

Many are broken but very few are looking for healing. If we don’t allow our broken parts to be healed, we’ll live unhappy lives and blame others for it.

Life happens. Sometimes it’s favorable but at other times, it’s just not so favorable. We cannot allow past hurt and experiences shape our path to righteousness. I’ve met too many people who are consumed by past expectations and living the lie by reminiscing all the things they could’ve had or things they’d lost. (It’s like speaking about myself). The past can be revisited. The past can lead you to do better. The past sometimes is a stepping stone to our greatness, if you let it be and focus on what should be. 

If we remain adamant and allow the past to rule over our lives, our thoughts and deeds, we’ll look at everyone, progress and joy the same way. We’ll become inconsistent with the people we love and let them endure the pain we so much harbor within. Progress will look like chaos to us because instead of enjoying the moments of peace, joy and progress, pessimism will dance in, warning us and giving us all the reasons we can’t move on. 

I won’t lie, I’m a pessimist sometimes. I love to tell myself all the reasons why that it (somethings) can’t happen. I love to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. I love to say that “No” instead of the “Yes” because I’m too afraid to lean in. I love it sometimes. But pessimism makes me think of the worst even when they aren’t there. Straight lines look crooked in the eyes of the pessimist.


In 2017, I accepted Christ into my life once again but I still struggled with lots of things. I still do. When Christ said, “Carry the cross and follow me,” I guess I didn’t understand. It’s been tough and moments where you become just fed up. (especially as a person who loves to ask God questions)

Nothing makes me appreciate having privy information on wherever I’m going than a bad road. I mean, if I’m aware that I’ll meet a bad road somewhere, I’d just look for another way out. I wish life gave us such signals. I wish life blew its horn, just to warn us of such unforeseen situations but it doesn’t.

Nobody goes through any straight path, at least none that I know of, but the path has been drawn for us to follow.

It’s not just clear directions that lead to our victories. Many have failed woefully at finding themselves. Nevertheless, direction is still important because without it, we might never get to our destination.

Sometimes we don’t have prior information of bad roads. Bad roads are situations that seem insurmountable. Bad roads are the people who take from us without giving. Bad roads are times we shed tears or weep because of our pain. Bad roads are failed relationships. They are those things that we consistently reflect on with no belief in our growth or betterment.Everyone has passed through the bad road of life. Nonetheless, we can still get healed irrespective of this road.

Our healing will come from how we perceive our journey and how much we focus on becoming better consciously. Healing is a process. Just like me, many people still struggle with things that seem pretty petty. They are those things that look subtle but they are the reason we become worse or remain stagnant.

As we join hands in this healing process, it’s prudent that we look within and search the insides of our heart to find all the good things and also the bad, to mend.

You’re beautiful beyond measure and your direction isn’t going to be smooth. You’re a flower- treasured flower. We are all weak and we are all looking for healing.

When you realize another seems broken, don’t criticize but help if you can. 

People say, stick and stones can break them but words cannot harm them but I say, words can break and harm you faster and quicker than any other thing. “Violent” words can make an individual become a living-dead.

So let’s not be too quick to criticize. People need your love, appreciation and encouragement than your criticism when they are broken.

I’ve been there and I’m still there, searching and learning so that one day, I can testify.

If you are like me, don’t give up. You are a masterpiece. You are God’s masterpiece.


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