I am Looking For Healing

“It is finished”, Jesus said. The Messiah was done with his mission on earth and he practically made us all aware that this was based on the instruction and inspiration of his father. His birth had to happen. His death had to happen. His resurrection had to happen. There’s inherently no scientific study nor critical logical reasoning that can properly explain these events. 

To me, finished means a new beginning. God was calling all of mankind to start again but this time with him. How amazing that Jesus died and resurrected. His death and journey served as an emblem of hope in a way that paved way for all of humankind to become reunited with their father-his father.

He told us what the church was. He taught us what the church ought to be and how to build it. He said the church was us. He told us the church had to serve him in truth and in spirit.I love how Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me”.

He also said, he came for sinners and not the righteous.

The church today has covered up the truth with some self-righteous clothes and has dealt with issues in a way that Jesus wouldn’t. Today, many are traumatized because of church. Many are still leaving the presence of the Lord because they’ve been hurt by the “church”.

When people talk about church hurt, they’re not talking about the building. They’re talking about the individuals who questioned their identity, who judged them based on their unspoken words or actions and consistently made them feel like they could never be forgiven.

Church hurt is when people miraculously assume God’s position and measure individuals based on what they see and feel. 

Church hurt is when individuals are not corrected in love but rebuked judgmentally. 

Sometimes it’s not correction people seek but knowledge of your wrong doing in order to join the hymn with lyrics about what you do.

If the church is a hospital for the sick then I guess it should be a place where people seek comfort, wise counsel or correction and solace. If we allow individuals to believe otherwise then they are made to think church is not the place for them.

 I can imagine the level of confusion on the faces of the people when Jesus said the woman who gave coins gave more than the man who gave millions. On the surface, it looked like what everyone knew it was: how valuable your giving is, is based on how much you give. Now the Messiah says, it has nothing to do with how much you gave but the heart. 

Another confusing moment for me was when   God said, “David, a man after my own heart”. I’m like whoaw! this just doesn’t make sense. In fact, in order to follow God’s direction, you need to go against: what is, what seems like, what looks original and what you believe should be. 

I did what every confused person does (well maybe not all), I asked so many questions.

Is this the same David who killed Uriah?       

Is this the same David who laid with Uriah’s wife? 

What we fail to practically understand is that, the only person who can measure truth is God and not man. No matter how much a person knows, truth can be measured by God alone. 

God knew David’s heart so much so he could virtually judge his motives. 

The dangerous thing about judgement is that, truly a person could be wrong and then in the next minute they tear their clothes and weep unto the Lord immediately to realign with Christ one more time. 

God never says No! All this could be without anyone’s knowledge. 

I can never imagine history without Paul. Paul, well-known for persecuting Christians is transformed strategically and assigned to do the will of God. I mean who would’ve thought this man would ever change. If I were there then, I would definitely feel same. In the eyes of man Paul didn’t belong but God made the way for every single person to join

Rachel Held Evans said,” what makes the gospel offensive is not who it keeps out but who it let’s in”

No one should kick you out of the church and no one should make you feel like the church isn’t the/a place for you. If Christ, he who discerns motives effortlessly can engage every single individual and yet allows them in, then who are you?

When the church becomes a place for debates on who deserves to be in and who should be out, the body of Christ suffers. 

When Jesus met the woman at the well, he didn’t outline her wrongs, he didn’t immediately call her out for being with someone who wasn’t her husband but instead he introduced her to the gospel.

Jesus presented her with the truth because she knew it not. If we become more interested in the wrong doings of others without necessarily correcting them and leading them to Christ, we shift focus and begin to do what Jesus wouldn’t do. We become accusers of our own brethren.

If we’re not truly ignorant of the enemies devices then I guess we’re just neglecting the principal thing-love. When I go wrong would you want to correct me, rebuke me wisely and pray for me? 

So today, I might be wrong or you might be. Today, I might hurt you or you might do so. Today, I could be a Paul turned to Saul. How do we look and treat backsliders? We criticize them because we wouldn’t do same.  

If there’s virtually no love in the church then what is our message ?

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