So in 2016 you bought a new diary. Well, let me guess: you also thought about all the goodies you could get, the achievements you could brag about and obviously those needs you knew you couldn’t live without in 2017. I mean who would want any of these to pass them by. Only a fool would.

And so just like many, you wrote down your goals, dreams, needs and wants. With the assumption that all of them or possibly majority of them could be achieved. 

Love shouldn’t wait to appear in your long list.

It seems like you baptized yourself into the “New Year New Me” fetish. 

New  years are amazing ways of starting over. In fact, many write down long lists of things they wish to achieve or maybe just get a hold of.

I want a car! 

I’ll get that house!

That degree is never fetched. Yes! and sothat also appears in their list too. 

The problem is, In 2018, you did same but guess what? It’s another 31st in 2019 and you’re still with your diary writing long lists again. This time around, you’re even dreaming bigger. Do we really need a new year to have plans for our lives? Do we need a new year to start listing our needs or wants? If you were sick, you’d obviously not tell the doctor to wait until the 31st to examine you.But why do you have to be dishonest when when it comes to life changing decisions for your life? 

All this is such a ridiculous way of pressuring ourselves into believing we can achieve lots of things without discipline.

Discipline is that simple and yet super powerful ingredient that catapults many to greatness.

It’s not wrong to have plans or dreams but you’re not inclined to write lists of plans that only end up being ditched. We worship the idea of what we could have whiles neglecting what should be done. We just live in a fantasy world filled with all the good things that only discipline paves a way to get. We are in so much hurry to impress the fantasies within so much that we don’t rely on our inner intuition that presents the honest truth of our current state. 

Instead of putting down long lists, why don’t you just access yourself.

Maybe it’s a new year but it’s still the same old you. It’s the same you who said you wanted to start that business in 2016. It’s still the same you who wanted to lose weight. That school you wanted to get enrolled in as planned, you never did because you were quick to move on without necessarily accessing why you couldn’t apply initially.

You can’t just hop on to just anything just because it’s something everyone is doing. You can’t follow the trend and still be different. What could work for others might not work for you. The easiest part of having resolutions or plans is identifying needs because human needs as known are insatiable.The problem is execution. 

Dream big but start small. Identify the reasons why you couldn’t achieve all you wanted. Ask yourself questions and be honest. It takes an honest person who wants change to change. You may not achieve all you want but it’s always better to have a proper direction. It’ll help you choose and decide. It’ll help you to understand your journey and help you rise above the trials.

When there’s no solid plan, you’re likely to see change as a deep threat and trials as dark caves. It becomes difficult to rise again. If you’re looking for feel good moments, it definitely shouldn’t be things that affect your future. Planning your life isn’t about feeling good.It’s not all fun. Sometimes it’s tears, laughter, heartbreak and peace. 

You can start the design school in October. You can learn how to play that piano in May. You can fall in love. You can have children. You can start that business today. Don’t waste your life you can do a whole lot.

Prepare to have that child you want.
Take that piano lessons you’ve always wanted to take.
Prepare for what you plan for.

Go to that school.

Are you ready for 2020 like I am? 

Then let’s dissect/ scrutinize happenings from our past thoroughly, learn from it and make very solid plans too whiles continuously making discipline a habit.

Success is ours!


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