Weak, special, graceful, different and easily swayed; a rather ridiculous and destructive way of describing the woman to suit a skewed societal agenda. The woman I know God made is powerful beyond measure. Delilah, a young Philistine woman gradually uses her wits, although backed by wrong intentions to destroy the strong, hairy Samson. Esther stands in the face of chaos and adversity to protect her people.

The Samaritan woman had been with many men. She was obviously unqualified inherently because she was both female and promiscuous. Society had virtually written her off. She’s exactly the woman God used to propagate the gospel. He knew her but she did not know herself. Her encounter with Jesus taught her that she had the chance to be better. Through that same encounter, she became the first evangelist in the bible. It’s always a time of reflection whenever anyone talks about women. Women are called different because strength has been watered down to signify just the mere physical outlook. Women are called weak and this perception is usually backed with “the bible says

“She’s a woman”, a statement that is usually said gravitating towards some sort of false representation of women in the world. “She’s a woman” means the individual in question stepped out of her way. You cannot be too strict otherwise you’re not being a woman. You cannot be out spoken otherwise you obviously are acting like a Jezebel. You cannot be financially stable than the man otherwise you’ll never find a man. This is just terrible. Identity crises has become the subtle result of this myopic picture created amongst the old, young, men, woman, male and female. It’s a terrible idea to think a woman should be a certain way and a man should be a certain way too, so when an individual portrays certain character traits or their persona is different from the ‘norm’, she’s castigated. She needs to be quiet, gentle, submissive, not-easily-angered, financially dependent and domesticated. He dares not cry because he’s made to think to be a man is to dig your soul and bury your emotions. Meanwhile, Jesus the reincarnate of God, wept. Society describes women in a way that does not appreciate differences, same with men. The church has done more harm than good. I believe Christians should be on the forefront of equality and not bringing up the rear. God said, “Let us make man in our own image and likeness”. God made and amongst the many things he gave, he also gave us authority, power, urgency and gifts. I don’t see men as more powerful neither do I see women as such. I believe the bible makes it so clear who we should be as individuals. We need to be loving, we need to be forgiving, we need to encourage each other and we need to most importantly live like Jesus lived. No matter how much you admire someone your goal isn’t to be like them but the ultimate goal as Christians is to be more like Jesus and so usually I ask myself if we treat women same way he would if he were here.

Respect women not just your mothers
All women are not the same.
Appreciate the differences of women.
Dear woman, be true to who you are!

I love how Proverbs 31 appreciates individuals but uses different adjectives to describe the woman. A woman is many things and all things God wants her to be. A woman is not what society thinks should be. Unfortunately, many use the Proverbs 31 chapter to throw unnecessary tantrums around and I am more convinced than ever that a person will only conscientize you on the need to be a Proverbs 31 woman only if they see something wrong with you. It’s very condescending and inappropriate to tell anyone to read that chapter just because they did something wrong.
If we do not carefully distinguish the nuance between culture and the gospel, many will be led astray. People are placed in a box. They are monitored, criticized and chastised for being their true selves. The irony is that we still expect them to do better while living in pretense.

Every single individual. Every man or woman. Every girl and boy is different. Our differences is to be celebrated and not used as a yardstick for how we should live or shouldn’t live. Our differences is part of God’s plan and a true epitome of who God is. The bible describes God with both feminine and masculine features. We are an embodiment of what God would have looked like if he were on earth but we do clearly know that he is neither male nor female but a spirit.
Society already makes women feel guilty for just being a woman. At a young age, you’re socialized to believe your destiny is tied to that of a man’s. You’re groomed not necessarily to have fulfillment in your individuality but for you to uphold marriage as the most important part of your journey on earth. Sadly, this grooming sometimes doesn’t come with any economic empowerment but most obviously comes with domesticated household chores. This is because the baggage picked up from years ago is still held high in the name of culture. Simply put, the man works and puts food on the table but the woman takes care of the home and the children. A major reason for many of the physical abuse of women is the thought that the man should be in charge whiles the woman remains quiet, submissive and gentle. Women should absolutely aim to be economically independent and not dependent. Anyone can carry you as long as they can but for how long?.
For those of us who are quite thick skinned and comfortable with who we are, we are called lazy. When a man does it, he’s just being a man. I don’t love to cook but i love to eat. There are many chores that I dislike and say it boldly. Although I dislike them, I still do them sometimes. Both men and women need to learn life skills. You need to learn how to clean, do your laundry and cook. Men need to learn that a woman doesn’t have to be domestic in order to be wifed.

Who is the woman God made?
The woman God made was given authority
In Genesis 2, we find out the overwhelming power, control and authority, Adam and Eve were given. The woman isn’t exempted from God’s plan or portrayed as an afterthought but comes as a ‘helper’ to be a partaker in God’s plan. She helps. He helps. This way we co-exist better. In an environment where one helps and the other does not, growth is stunted. The woman of authority blossoms in a way that the Porter alone can comprehend.
 The woman God made is a leader
I can’t think of anyone who suits this description more than Deborah. I mean that is what I would’ve said if I didn’t know what leadership is (maybe I don’t ) but Mary, Jesus’ mother was a leader. Esther was a leader. Lois was one. In fact, every woman leads in her own way. The dynamism in leadership gives everyone the power to be at the forefront in their own way.
The woman God made is strong 
Strength is more than the physical. Women are not weak. Women are very strong, sometimes physically too.
The woman God made has valor.
 If God created the woman then she has worth. Worth is not virginity. Worth is not morality. Worth is not immorality. Worth is nothing less than what we derive from Christ by our mere existence. You have worth. You are treasured. You are worth more than you can imagine. 

God made you valuable.
Where are you?
Woman of Valor!
Woman of Valor!
You are truly to be praised.


      1. That’s quite unfortunate. We agree to disagree. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks so much for reading.

  1. The differences are EDUCATION and HOW I WOULD WANT TO LIVE WITH SOMEONE. If someone is appreciating me depending on both my strengths and weaknesses, then we can exist and grow our lives together no matter the religion or culture or even if the person do not know what the bible says.
    You appreciate me today because I can help with cleaning but don’t because I cannot help with cooking?
    Marriages do not make someone a house maid or a slave to another person, neither should it make someone turn into a bank account. At a specific moment, we do what will make our lives benefit the next person close to us.
    A great piece and would love to read again! God bless you.

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