What equality is not

Allow me take you through just a few points on what equality is not.

1. Equality isn’t about men because men are not the standard. Equality is that truth emblem that simplifies the need for society to ensure that progressivism is upheld. If there were no women, there be will no men and if there were no men, there’d be no women. This should not be merely seen as a coincidence but rather a necessary blend of both strengths and weaknesses of the man and woman. The pursuit of progressivism is to ensure the need to have women use their strengths, their talents and their gifts without subjecting them to undue societal pressure and discrimination.

2. Equality is not power struggle between men and women. It is rather the recognition that as a society men and women need to work together for the benefit of all. Equality speaks to the privilege of men and so, so many think it is a way to lure men out of a certain position(s). That makes equality advocates right, in that, if there was no “position” that translated in more respect, value and opportunities for one particular gender, there would be no need to raise eyebrows when women insist that they be treated the same. It is a privilege to just do nothing about a problem and absolutely telling that the only time many decide to speak up is when someone they love gets hit by the problem too. It is also a privilege to just feel threatened by position(s) when the individual identity of women is under threat. Such a privilege!

3. Equality isn’t about women becoming men but women understanding that they can and should be whoever they want to be as long as its impactful, not harmful, positive and empowering to them. Expecting women to be a certain way, is the reason many continue to throw tantrums when a woman isn’t acting according to what they believe a woman should be. She’s not acting like a man, you’re just projecting a standard she isn’t willing to accommodate on her.

4. Equality isn’t about meeting your (societal) standard, it’s about meeting my standards my way. That is why sexual liberation for one person could mean one thing and something else for another. Although they both could be a subset of what’s defined as sexual liberation.

5. Equality isn’t bias. It is just that solid rock that identifies a problem and ensures that those who as a result of weak structures and systems, have the benefits and opportunities due them without questioning their status, gender or race. To think that it is bias, is to refuse to reflect and accept the many problems of gender.

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